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Stephen Harper's spring surprise

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Praline: Well why don’t you move into more conventional areas of confectionery, like praline or lime cream; a very popular flavour I’m led to understand. (superintendent enters) I mean look at this one, ‘cockroach cluster’, (superintendent exits) ‘anthrax ripple’. What’s this one, ‘spring surprise’?

Milton: Ah - now, that’s our speciality - covered with darkest creamy chocolate. When you pop it in your mouth steel bolts spring out and plunge straight through both cheeks. —Monty Python

Brad Trost must have caused near-apoplexy in the Conservative war room yesterday. Unable to contain himself, this veteran so-con boasted to a gathering of anti-choicers in Saskatchewan that the Harper Government™ had listened, and decided to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

There has been no official word to the organization, which has been waiting for more than a year for a decision from CIDA.

Harper, hoping for a majority, had obviously intended this to be a May 3 surprise—and then Trost went and spoiled it. Now, for some reason, talk of the Harper Hidden Agenda™ has surfaced once more.

The problem with giving us a glimpse of Harper’s post-electoral intentions is that it encourages us electors to speculate. And one doesn’t have to do so wildly to conclude that there is a lot the Harper Conservatives™ just aren’t telling us during the campaign.

What else is hidden in Harper’s post-E-day loot-bag? Defunding Pride organizations? (Well, maybe not—he’s already done that, in Toronto and Montreal.) Restoring capital punishment? Criminalizing criticism of Israel? (Where is that CPCCA report, promised last spring?)

We owe thanks, in any case, to the loose-lipped Brad Trost. Because now the surprise is on the Cons.

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