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Sympathy for the Devil

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Truth to tell, when “the National Platform of Shia Muslims in Canada,” CASMO, was caught posting a video by white supremacist Republican David Duke, I suspected they just didn’t know any better.

Political parasite that he is, Duke has insinuated himself into the ranks of critics of Israel and mastered the lingo. He’s trying to pass as just another friend of the Palestinians rather than the rank anti-Semite that he is, although privately negative views of the Palestinian √úntermenschen can be safely assumed.

So much for giving the benefit of the doubt. After some bloggers made a to-do about the Duke video, and the redoubtable Bernie Farber filed a complaint with the York Region police, CASMO responded by putting up another one. It seems that they knew what they were doing all along. For the first time, the cant word “Islamofascist” appears to have acquired real meaning.

But this is where it gets interesting.

The Right is now all over Bernie for taking the action that he did.

What’s wrong with showing a Duke video, cry the same folks who broke the news as a major scandal in the first place. Freedom of speech! Isn’t it better to let the world see what these Muslims are really about?

I’m not saying that they’re entirely wrong, mind you. It is important to hold linkages of this kind to the light. But what better way to do it than to make an official complaint under current hate legislation?

The delicious irony, however, of conservatives gleefully exposing an Islamist link to the Right seems lost on those folks. So much for the “Islamist-left alliance,” eh—Islamocons?

UPDATE: Scaramouche tells us the two vids have now been pulled.

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