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Why I like Steve Paikin

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This says it all about the charming and disarming moderator of this year’s English political leaders’ debate:

For some reason, I always seem to mess something up. The first time, in 2006, I had forgotten to turn off my BlackBerry. As I was reading the introduction, I felt it buzz. How embarrassing was it going to be to have my phone ring as I was 30 seconds into my script? Somehow I reached down and silenced it as I was reading the intro.

Then the Teleprompter broke, so I quickly had to find my place in the script and keep reading, trying to make it all look seamless.

Was someone trying to give me a heart attack?

This year, I somehow managed to kick the wiring out of the monitor on my desk - again while reading the intro - which meant I spent the entire two hours flying blind. I couldn’t see the videos of the questions and couldn’t see what shots were being used during the broadcast.

I spent the first five minutes of the debate playing with the wires, trying to reattach them, hoping the camera wasn’t catching me trying to play technician. Ultimately, I gave up.

Was the debate a good television experience? I don’t know. I never saw it.

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