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Italy’s embattled Silvio Berlusconi has just taken four more staggering body-blows, just a few days after he lost his personal stronghold of Milan.

A nation-wide referendum has just shot down his quest for immunity from prosecution for various offences—he and his allies had actually passed legislation to exempt him from the law. Two related questions nixed the privatization of water. And the country will now cancel plans for a nuclear energy program.

In Italy, referenda are hard to win. By law, 50%+1 of qualified electors—not of the actual voters—are required before the results of a referendum can be binding. After losing court battles to make the referendum illegal, Berlusconi advised people to go to the seaside and enjoy the good weather. This riled up enough voters to pull a 57% turnout, and deliver a resounding quadruple whammy for the bunga-bunga bon vivant.

Vox populi, vox dei. This time the people had one word for their increasingly erratic premier: Basta! And no doubt, this being Italy, there were some choice illustrative gestures as well.

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[H/t Ms. Mew, by telephone from San Donato Milanese]

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