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Ottawa police: the beat goes on

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Ottawa Police Constable Shane Henderson is a man who can run through a rainstorm without getting wet.

Back in 2004, he was videotaped beating a customer in a Tim Horton’s. Not knowing that the tape was rolling, he and his partner appear to have lied shamelessly about the affair. When the videotaped surfaced, the Crown prosecutor was so appalled that all of the charges against the customer were pulled.

Henderson was exonerated of all wrongdoing by the Ottawa Police and by the Ontario civilian review board of the day.

Now here he is again.

I wrote about this case back in March. Once again there are reports of excessive force. Once again, the Crown prosecutor withdrew the charges, and for that very reason.

Once again, a lawsuit has been launched. (The luckless Tim Horton’s victim sued as well, but I am unable to ascertain whether that suit was lost or settled.)

Stacy Bonds, of course, was pursued vengefully by the Crown until an appalled judge threw the case against her out of court, but in an act of sterling solidarity, five of the officers who roughed her up were recently exonerated by the Ontario Provincial Police, and the sixth (who apparently has a problem with women) has been charged with something that will virtually guarantee his acquittal.

She’s suing too.

And we learn today that the ranks of the litigants have swelled yet again.

This story reminds one of those news accounts from Latin America back in the day. Seven balaclava-wearing police officers stormed the house of a perfectly respectable pensioner, and proceeded to beat him and arrest him for daring to ask for their warrant (they were apparently after a student tenant).

This time the cops were too smart to lay bogus charges, and released him after holding him outside in full view of his neighbours, but he’s not letting this go.


As I have noted before, cops investigating cops doesn’t work. Pro-police review boards don’t work. But money talks: and if the Ottawa Police “Service” and their bad apples are being effectively fined by other means, the benignly neglectful powers that be, not to mention the ratepayers, might finally sit up and take notice.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, cops are still on the beat.

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