Many Happy Returns, Plus One.

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Exiled to Elba after the collapse of his Grande Armée and written off by the political elites of the day, Napoleon escaped in 1815, returned to France, and swept back into power.

After two comebacks and retirements, George Foreman, former heavyweight champion, was 45 in 1994 when he went ten rounds with 26-year-old Michael Moorer, knocked him out, and reclaimed the title.

By 1968, Elvis had become a joke. Music had passed him by, and in the era of the Beatles and Buffalo Springfield he was viewed as an embarrassment. He hadn’t performed live since 1961. But his appearance in what was originally supposed to be a bland Christmas special, built around tough, confident, slimmed-down Elvis joking through an informal jam with his favourite musicians, regained the crown for the King.

And yesterday, the wondrous JJ bounced back into blogdom. Literally. Lock up your dogmas and pack up the platitudes - the Unrepentant Old Hippie is back in town. Never was a return more welcome.

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