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Ottawa police brutality: Roxanne Carr's story [updated]

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Videos of Roxanne Carr’s treatment in the infamous Ottawa police cellblock.

And here, courtesy of blogger Zoom, is the Ottawa Police Service’s latest public victim’s description of what she endured at the hands of Ottawa’s Finest.

UPDATE: Blogger Zoom asks (and she’s not alone): is Ottawa police brutality standard operating procedure?

Perhaps it’s normal for half a dozen officers to tie a woman’s arms together behind her back while she’s face-down on the floor, handcuffed and clearly not resisting. Perhaps it’s normal for several people to forcibly remove her clothing. I can only assume it must be normal if it didn’t cause the Acting Chief any consternation, and if two reviews exonerated the officers.

One might add to this unsavoury mix of goons and their handlers the complicit folks in the Crown Attorney’s office who insisted upon bringing the Stacy Bonds case to trial. Thick as thieves—as it were.

And small-time Ottawa pol Terry Kilrea explains why he is utterly unfit for public office.

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