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The Toronto Star disgraces itself

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Gather ‘round, bloggers. It’s solidarity time.

The Toronto Star has permitted a small-time Christian activist to attack one of our best Canadian bloggers for having the temerity to raise Tim Hudak’s “pro-life” credentials, and to suggest that he actually meant what he said about defunding abortions in Ontario.

“Gotcha politics?” We used to call it “the candidate’s record.” But the author—and apparently the Star—would prefer the electors to fly blind on a major issue, and wait for the other shoe to drop if and when Hudak becomes premier—as it is very likely he will.

The Star won’t permit the blogger in question, the excellent Fern Hill of DAMMIT JANET!, to respond unless she gives up her blogging pseudonym, and even then they have offered no guarantees of the right of reply.

So here is her response, and a fine one it is.

Please Tweet the link to Fern’s response. And run that link at your various abodes, hopefully with a post attached.

Too bad it won’t appear in the Star. But that’s why we have the blogosphere—to fill in the MASSIVE gaps the corporate media insist on creating. Let’s work it.

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