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…but a diagnosis.

I’d missed this one: it appeared last week. But you should read every word of it, not merely my excerpt. Anyone who thinks we can sit down and break bread with these people—look for what we might have in common, get a decent budget deal, etc.—had better smarten up.

My working hypothesis is silicon-based life-forms, but I’m willing to entertain other possibilities.

With the exception of a body count, I am like this guy [Anders Breivik] in almost every way….I haven’t killed anyone though. Not sure I have it in me. Maybe we all do - who knows?

…And that’s where I start to get confused about this Anders fellow. Believe me, I understand the urge, but why - for fuck sake WHY??? - would you kill white kids? If your problem is with Muslim immigrants and Islamization of your country, I really don’t see how killing your fellow Teutons is a good outlet for your rage.

Here is a perfectly good opportunity - on a Friday, no less - to shoot up a mosque. To kill the enemy, not the neighbor’s kids. (And, irony of ironies, he shoots one Afghan kid at the camp - and the kid survives!)…

Ok, here’s the difference, for the deliberately obtuse….Anders Breivik killed for civilization. Timothy McVeigh killed out of hate.

[H/t Balbulican, b/c]

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