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DawgNews exclusive interview: "White is the new Black"

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(Ottawa, August 14) DawgNews has been fortunate to secure an exclusive interview with David Snark-Raving, British historian and social commentator who has recently spoken out on the London riots. This is perhaps the first such interview conducted on Twitter. Links have been added for the reader’s interest.

@DawgNews Mr. Snark-Raving, yr recent controversial statement about the London riots—r whites now just Blacks like everybody else? #RCrumb

@DavidSnarkR Quite. White is the new Black. Men are the new women. Industrialists are the new proletariat. Looking-glass world. #goaskalice

@DawgNews How did this come about, in your view?

@DavidSnarkR The cane. The lash. Gone the way of the fox hunt. No discipline. Things were different under Henry 8th let me assure you.

@DawgNews How so?

@DavidSnarkR Not surprised you don’t know. Too many female historians. The truth isn’t getting out. Education is the new ignorance. #fale

@DawgNews You say we aren’t dealing with race but with culture. Could you expand on that a little?

@DavidSnarkR Culture is the new race. Black, all black. Out of Africa. Olduvai Gorge. Culture is in the baggy jeans, ha ha. #funny

@DawgNews So how would you deal with the riots? You’re saying they’re in the blood, so to speak.

@DavidSnarkR Top the ringleaders, public executions, a little hanging drawing and quartering. Lèse majesté needs a firm response.

@DawgNews That does seem a trifle extreme.

@DavidSnarkR Nonsense. You’ve been feminized. Everybody’s emasculated these days. Vagina is the new penis. (1)

@DavidSnarkR Put justice in the hands of the nobility. Pilgrimage of Grace the bastards. Pardon, then execute. (2)

@DawgNews So history indeed teaches lessons?

@DavidSnarkR Certainly. Else what good is it?

@DawgNews And yet we do seem condemned to repeat it. #Voltaire

@DavidSnarkR Not enough historians. Male ones, that is. None of those yobs can read anyway. School failure. Teachers unions.

@DawgNews Seems a bleak outlook, for sure.

@DavidSnarkR Black, very black. Hopeless, really.

@DawgNews Thank you for this.

@DavidSnarkR Not at all.

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