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"It's not BlackBerries, it's Black thugs": Michael Coren racializes the London riots

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I must admit that I was sceptical when a reader reported this, but there is Michael Coren, in all his ugly racist glory, @3:22.

As “Canadian Patriot” (who has my apologies) says, we should all be submitting complaints to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, pronto.

Send a complaint to the CRTC as well, as reader Lorne suggests.

Just do it.

Let this latter-day Senator Bilbo handprint his messages of hate and try to pass them out on the streets of his native Tottenham. There is no place for this filth on Canadian airwaves. SunTV is a disgrace.

No doubt the riots have been equal-opportunity employers. But here are some shots that give the lie to Coren’s racial libel:

London riots1.jpg

London riots2.jpg

London riots3.jpg

UPDATE: Why are conservatives such potty-mouthed infants? Never mind: rhetorical question. Conservatism isn’t a politics; it’s a diagnosis.

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