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Office of the Auditor General: would you trust your books to this crowd?

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Because they are our books.

After a blatant cover-up involving the pork-barrelling expenditure of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money by Conservative minister Tony Clement is revealed by the Official Opposition, what is the response of this “watchdog?”

The Office of the Auditor General has the authority to request documentation for funding of federal public money. We asked for documentation, but we were not provided with any. Deputy ministers signed off on the accuracy of facts in the chapter. We have no plans to reopen the file.

Words simply fail. With Sheila Fraser’s departure, has the OAG become yet another creature of the PMO?


UPDATE: And speaking of creatures of the PMO…it appears that Conservative aides fare somewhat better than Polish immigrants at the hands of Canada’s Horsemen. [H/t Impolitical]

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