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Ottawa police brutality: the beat goes on

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At this rate, Ottawa’s Finest are going to run out of citizens to attack.

Yet another story of unprovoked violence against an unresisting person: a man sleeping on a sidewalk was savaged by two police officers in front of a criminology student and her teenaged daughter. The student had actually called them out of concern.

The mother had to call 911 again to ask police to stop the attack.

Needless to say, the homeless man, his face smashed, bones broken, has been charged with assault on police.

The man was waking up and after the third push, the police officer went behind and took his arm behind his back,” said Doucette. “I was amazed they were treating him like this. He was sleeping on the street.”

She said the man wasn’t being violent or making any noise at all.

After they had his hands behind his back they gave him a push and he landed like a tree would fall, head-first, into the pavement,” she said. “It was really bizarre. The way that it happened was absolutely horrible.”

She took out her phone and shouted at the police about their actions.

“I got really excited,” she said, adding she put in another call to 911 and then to police. Within minutes there were four cruisers, paramedics and firefighters.

Her daughter took photos as the blood was hosed away from the sidewalk.

We are told that the province’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is investigating. Well, we all know how that will turn out.

In other news, we learn that new racial profiling guidelines have been put in place by the Ottawa Police Service after the egregious Stacy Bonds affair.

Funny, that. Didn’t all the officers but one get cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever, in spite of the video? Haven’t the police steadfastly insisted that racism was not a factor in her false arrest and subsequent brutalization at Ottawa Police headquarters?

We have every right, I think, to be deeply sceptical of this slick public relations exercise.

They don’t even try to keep their stories straight.

But why should they? They do what they do with near-absolute impunity. And the casualties are mounting.

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