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Friday night despair

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Or, time to go to bed early. The world is too much with me, and it’s an insane, evil, hallucinatory one, like a bad acid trip.

  • Item: American parents pimp their three-year-old daughters on a mainstream TV show. In one egregious case, for the “pro-life” movement, which has its own little-girl pageants planned.

  • Item: (bears repeating) Baying American Republicans cheer for executions.

  • Item: Toronto cops in the spotlight again, with a bit of racial harassment gone horribly wrong. The old “assault on police” rubbish is duly trotted out, but their victim, who allegedly delivered a right-hand blow to the chest of one of them, has been paralyzed in that arm since a stroke some time ago. Whoops.

  • Item: Art by Palestinian children: too dangerous to be permitted to be shown. The “new anti-Semitism” McCarthyites rush to shut down yet another art exhibit. Nothing new there. (Where are the Speech Warriors™? I can’t hear you!)

  • Item: Tony Blair displays his utter lunacy. People died because of it. He’s now a peace envoy to the Middle East.

  • Item: An American porn actress and body-builder credits neo-Nazism for turning her life around. Her daytime profession is embalming, thankfully restricted, we are assured, to “dead people.”

Night, all, and sweet dreams.

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