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I had my spinal surgery yesterday. There were odd complications, which puzzled the surgeon (and one doesn’t like to see a doctor puzzled), but they passed off and I was given a second MRI just to be on the safe side.

Back home now, nothing strenuous for a month, and I may—or may not—regain the full use of my left foot with a few weeks or months of rehab. Until then I have a junior position in the Ministry of Silly Walks.

But I’m as happy as the proverbial pig in clover. Not solely because last night I had my first painless sleep in weeks, but thanks to the warmth of my well-wishers who sent encouraging messages on a previous comment thread and back-channel, and my family and good friends who telephoned, visited, fetched and carried, and generally kept my spirits up.

Thank you all very much, for everything. It was profoundly appreciated.

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