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NDP leader: "the one the Conservatives do not want"

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Paul Dewar. As yet undeclared. I for one think we need a “Draft Paul” movement, pronto.

Here’s John Ivison on Power & Politics (@1:07:30).

The Conservatives are hoping for the volatile Thomas Mulcair, or the unelected Brian Topp, he says.

They don’t want Paul.

Summa Strategies communications consultant Robin MacLachlan chimes in to note Paul’s key role in parliamentary issues, his “everyday appeal,” and his huge popularity in his riding of Ottawa-Centre.

In an earlier post I noted Paul’s disarming debating skills—as in this video, wherein he easily bests Conservative pitbull John Baird, but with infectious good humour, not angry confrontation.

That’s the sort of thing that makes older Canadians wish they had a fine, well-mannered son like that. Paul’s style hearkens back to the civility that Canadians used to take for granted, inside the House of Commons and in everyday life.

Paul has a keen intellect, conducts himself with grace and wit, and knows his stuff. He has a pragmatic and yet firmly principled approach to the issues of the day. He instinctively and easily connects with people.

In short, he has all of the leaderly smarts, skills and charisma that the NDP—or any political party—could wish for.

No wonder the Conservatives don’t want him as Opposition leader. And that’s the best reason that we should.

Pitch your hat in the ring, Paul, and let’s get cracking.

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