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Summer almost over

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As a young boy growing up in Montreal in the 60’s the annual trip to Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy was heaven. Beaches, cool sea air, tides, freedom to do and go by myself (at at least me and my sister).

This year I packed up wife and kids (left the dog at home, all 130 pounds of him) and we drove back to Grand Manan Island. We were fortunate enough to stay at the same place where I stayed when growing up.

Times have changed, but what struck me most is that after we got away from the cell phones, the TV and the wifi, my kids ended up doing the exact same things that my sister and I did 45 years ago. They hunted for sand dollars on the sand bar at low tide and were delighted with finding a simple crab. They sat on the very same rock my sister and I sat on while the tide came in to see how long they could wait to jump to shore before being stranded at sea. A beach was great fun no matter how cold the water. In the evenings songs around a beach fire was the entertainment (even if, by an almost unanimous vote, I was banned from singing).

When I see the generations blur like this I sometimes have hope for the future. But don’t worry, reality will soon set in and I will be back to my old climate snarking self (I may start by following up on BCL’s post about Spencer).

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