The New Conservative Feminism

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One cannot help but rejoice at the newly-awakened sensitivity of Homo Conservatus to the plight of suffering women in Islamist countries.

It’s hard not to shed a tear at the righteous wrath of Ezra Levant and Jason Kenney’s pal Alykhan Velshi (formerly of the American Enterprise Institute) as he rages at “…Saudi Arabia, a regime where it’s illegal for a woman to drive a car, which counts a woman’s testimony as being worth half of a man’s, and which requires women to obtain permission from a male guardian to work or leave their home.”

One positively chokes up at Arnie Lemaire’s thunderous indignation and passionate concern at the plight of women enslaved to leering Saudi princelings.

And no less a luminary than Kate Animals (I assume that’s her last name?) is shocked and appalled at Saudi women’s lack of marital rights.

Now that three of my favourite conservative bloggers - the Frother, the Stunned, and the Wholly Gross - have taken up Women’s Rights with such passion, one wonders - what SHOULD decent folks do address the oppression of Muslim women?

Should we:

a) Maintain or increase levels of immigration to Canada from Islamist countries to protect victimized women against further abuse?

b) Increase funding to organizations promoting education, economic support and health for women at risk in Asian and African countries?

c) Provide additional support to immigrant services agencies to assist in the orientation, education, transition and employment of newcomers?

No, wait, I’ve got a better idea. Let’s…

d) Buy more oil from Alberta.

Now, why didn’t I think of THAT before?

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