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Another slobber of hatred from Tim Hudak

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Here we go again. Tim Hudak, desperately looking for ripe pockets of bigotry in the holes and corners of Ontario where Conservative votes may be harvested, issues a hate pamphlet to the lucky voters in the Brampton area.

Here’s a more mainstream version of the same thing.

If denigrating Canadian citizens as “foreign workers” won’t play in Peoria or its Canadian equivalent, why not try a little bigotry? He’s been beating the sex-education drum for a while now, but somehow, to Ontario’s credit, the yokel mobs are failing to form.

In any case this is, one hopes, the last ooze before this wretched man is consigned to the electoral dustbin this week.

Incidentally, don’t make too much of the Toronto Sun refusing to endorse him. Read what they have to say—their problem is, he isn’t crazy enough. The Sun is down with the hatred part, running essentially the same vile message for which the National Post recently had the good grace to apologize.

As I’ve said before, this has been a perfectly dreadful campaign, the worst in living memory. Only the NDP had refused to take the low road, eschewing attack ads and websites. If only for their insistence on civility—their platform isn’t really much different from that of the Liberals, to be honest—they deserve our votes on Thursday.

[H/ts to WK and BigCityLib]

UPDATE: Keep digging, Tim.

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