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The Harper government’s war on data continues.

This time it’s permitting a large baby food company to make unproven claims to market and sell its products.

Never mind new mothers, looking around for the right nourishment for their babies, not knowing what or whom to believe. The only thing that matters to this government is big business making big profits.

Remind anyone of the Nestlé scandal a few years back, when that company had fake nurses running around persuading Third World women to abandon breastfeeding and use their formula mixed with dirty water instead?

Mead Johnson Nutrition isn’t in the same league, of course. They aren’t selling a dangerous product, just hyping the ones they have to the max, and if that includes false or at least unproven health claims, tant pis. Since no actual danger is involved, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says, it can’t do anything about it.

Of course not. In Harper’s Canada, anything from asbestos to tar sands to baby food is just a source of corporate wealth. No matter which of the 99% get killed, poisoned or merely misled.

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