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It’s a mild December, but Hell appears to have frozen over. I agree with Ezra Levant.

Well, sort of. I’m fed up to my hair roots with his “ethical oil” rubbish, and his crude writing style continues to grate on my nerves. But Chiquita Banana wagging its finger at us? The company once known as United Fruit, now trying to erase its past by doing a green corporate makeover?

Whole Central American countries were turned into virtual slave labour camps by this kindly corporation. When the democratically elected President of Guatemala was overthrown by the CIA in 1954, United Fruit was literally an arm of US foreign policy: the director of the CIA at the time, Allen Dulles, was a shareholder. For decades, dictators all over the region were propped up by the company, and could be counted upon to put down slave revolts with fury.

“Ethical oil” is a nonsense concept, a nugatory cant phrase used by the Alberta tar sands industry and its political shills in government and the media to unload dirty oil on the world. But being lectured on ethics by Chiquita Banana is too much like McDonald’s coming out in support of PETA. If I ate bananas I’d boycott them myself, if only for Chiquita’s colossal gall.

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