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Good grief, here we go again. Conservatives have installed another shadow MP. Susan Delacourt is right—it’s not the first time. But how quickly the media forget!

In 2007, the Conservatives pulled the same trick on elected MP Nathan Cullen, now a contender for the NDP leadership race. And he wasn’t the only one who was being bypassed by the Cons—just ask Western Arctic MP Dennis Bevington.

Then there was MP Catherine Bell at around the same time:

Vancouver Island North MP Catherine Bell has already had a similar situation happen to her in her riding. Several months ago, the Tories named a candidate as the “go-to person” for the Conservative party, in what Cullen feels is an effort to undermine her and give the perception that she is not doing her job.

This year there was the Parm Gill adventure.

I raise the same question as I did in 2007: is this practice legal? Would it withstand a question of privilege to the Speaker of the House of Commons?

[H/t Susan Delacourt, and deBeauxOs of DAMMIT JANET! for the goods on the Rovian assault on Irwin Cotler]

UPDATE:In 2007, co-blogger Alison raised the case of yet another shadow MP, John Weston, who lost the 2006 election but carried on as though he’d won. Alas, this sort of thing can work: he is now the actual MP for his riding, West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea-to-Sky.

UPPERDATE: And another—in Irwin Cotler’s riding.

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