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After the vindication of Abousfian Abdelrazik by the UN Security Council’s “1267 Committee”—a kind of distillation, if you will. Quoted with no further comment, for your edification:

shouldn’t get nothing from the tax payers of canada. that’s the only reason he is in canada to began with, and now he is suing the canadian people. it’s funny how those people work, they come to canada because canada is a free country, and canada will give them anything they bloody well want, free of charge. but once they become a citizens than they act as we are the emeny when they get into trouble in their own country. well, doesn’t that tell you something? did the red light not come on, c’mom,
shouldn’t be allowed back in canada. leave them there to rot. lets not give them the gravy train. I hope our goverment stands up to people like this and give them nothing. us canadians build this country and now alot of those people are now seniors they don’t get special benefits do they. it’s time our goverment got on board with this crap and put an end to it. and quit letting those idots into canada.

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