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Harper government: targeting the wrong aliens?

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Is there method in Jason Kenney’s anti-niqab madness?


About 25 women wear the niqab in Quebec. That means maybe 100 or so across this entire country of 34 million, give or take.

In other words, we aren’t exactly being flooded with new immigrants who wear this garment. But Kenney is making an issue of it.

Why? The obvious answer is that scapegoating minorities is always good for retaining the bigots who form the bulk of the Conservative party base. It’s a ploy that has worked for others: there is, after all, nothing new under the Sun. But could there be another explanation? Could this be a diversion?

In 1991, a Roper poll indicated that nearly 4 million Americans believe they have been kidnapped by extraterrestrials. Using the “10%” rule of thumb, that means 400,000 Canadians or so think they too have been taken onto space ships, internally probed and returned to terra firma.

As a Canadian citizen, I for one would like to know why our government is staying completely silent on this crucial matter. While it strains at the gnat of a handful of brown women with veils, the Harper regime is swallowing the camel, pardon the metaphor, of serious extraterrestrial intrusion.

Good grief, which is the greater threat to our way of life?

Is the niqab cloaking more than a tiny group of Muslim women? Should Canadians demand that Harper and his cabinet be DNA tested? Whom are they really working for? You decide.

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