Still Seeking the Perfect Present for that Special Someone?

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Why not treat them to an expensive weekend in the company of the man Margaret Wente called “Sun TV’s populist ranter Ezra Levant, who’s even more grating than Mary Walsh”?

For only $1200 (single occupancy, book after Jan. 16), you can spend two glorious days at “the stunning” JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa (an extra $140 if you actually want to see the lake from your window). Seems a bit steep, but you get two glasses of wine with your supper on Saturday. The Clement Room is apparently available.

The very exciting “itinerary” (I think Ezra meant “agenda”, but heck, give him a break - he works for Sun) includes - let’s see:

Friday: arrival, dinner, drinks, and an “Astronomy Event”, where guests are invited to “Open your eyes to the wonders of planets, galaxies, nebulas and more!” If it’s cloudy, you can go inside and look at pictures (presumably of planets, galaxies, nebulas and more!)

Saturday: Breakfast, then “Panel discussions featuring your Favourite Sun Media Personalities” (well, that’s an easy promise to keep). Although these “panels” are apparently what you’re paying to attend, there are no agendas, topics, panelists, presenters or themes available yet. To relax from the morning’s onerous panelizing about something or other, you are invited to spend the afternoon mastering a “steady blend of breathing, meditation and yoga poses held for a series of breaths”, or attending Art Class, followed by dinner (don’t forget those two free glasses of wine, you crazy kids!)

Sunday: Breakfast, then more “Panel Discussions About We’re Not Sure What Yet, but featuring your Favourite Sun Media Personalities.” Then everyone goes home.

The ad promises “Six gourmet meals, each one with a different Sun News or conservative personality rotated through your table”. They apparently intend this to be an incentive, not a threat; however, having watched the appalling Brian Lilley and Krista Erickson attempt conversation with adult humans, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch them try to feed themselves with a fork and knife. I have to confess that the notion of “rotating Sun Celebrities” did pique my interest: it conjured up the image of Michael Coren, shackled to a Lazy Susan, his head protruding through a hole in the centre of a round table, rotating as we merrily toss mussel shells and croutons at him through dinner.

Well, everyone needs a winter break. And given the truly dismal performance of the doomed Sun TV Folly, if the only way its talking heads can afford a decent holiday is to get their fans to pay for it, then so be it. Unfortunately I’m going to be diving in Palau that weekend, but maybe we should take up a collection and send…well, who’ll volunteer?

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