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The clothing wars

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The battle for male supremacy over female bodies continues, this time in Israel.

Never mind burqas and niqab, banned in several European countries, in Canada’s citizenship courts, and more or less in the province of Quebec (where hijab, more properly khimār, is also a no-no, at least on the soccer-fields). In Beit Shemesh, an ordinarily-dressed eight-year-old schoolgirl is afraid to walk to her class for fear of being reviled and spat upon by crowds of grown men.

One of the more telling comments in the video was actually about the girl’s mother, who follows a conservative Jewish lifestyle, including, we are told, a kerchief covering her hair. Any resemblance to hijab is, of course, entirely coincidental.

The Haredim are some 10% of Israel’s population, and rapidly growing. Somehow incidents like this, which caused a furor in Israel itself, have escaped media attention here: after all, it’s Muslims and their “barbaric cultural practices” that must dominate the narrative.

[H/t Anthea Butler via deBeauxOs]

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