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Hacked neo-Nazi website: Canadian connections

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[To readers: my apologies. Somehow a draft—in fact, only a link—was posted here. Let’s see if we can do better this morning. —DD]

It’s always a good thing to name and shame the grunting brutes and hate-mongers in our midst who claim to be worthy representatives of the white “race.” As a person of the Caucasian persuasion, making our self-proclaimed leaders accountable is important to me.

Check ‘em out. The brave folks who set sleeping people on fire and rarely go one-on-one if they can help it are under the spotlight. Let’s keep them there—if you can stand the view.




Here’s a link for a few mirror-sites of the original nazi-links.net site, for those interested. These tend to go down quickly, and not all of the files will open, but it’s worth a romp.

Incidentally, the charming fellow in the fatigues, above, is Bill Noble, mentioned in the CBC article at the link. Hands off, ladies—he’s married.

Anti-Racist Canada has more.

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