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Harper: "I'm not a crook"

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Robogate: Harper denies, denies, but the stain is spreading further in this banana monarchy of ours.

18 27 34 ridings now appear to have been affected by fraudulent electoral practices.*

I’ve gone over the ridings identified so far with the help of the invaluable Pundits’ Guide. Co-blogger Alison has been on this, too.

Take Etobicoke Centre—well, the Cons did, by a margin of 26 votes. Then there’s Elmwood-Transcona, won by a margin of 284 votes. And how about Winnipeg South Centre (722 votes**), Mississauga East-Cooksville (661) or Willowdale (932)? Or Kitchener-Waterloo (2144), or London North Centre (1665)?

Anyone claiming that a concerted voter suppression campaign would not have affected outcomes is one for whom I have some Florida cottage land, cheap. Hell, I’ll throw in a bridge in New York, as well.

Other margins are large enough to be convincing, including Dean Del Mastro’s Peterborough riding, which was never in jeopardy. We all enjoyed his “me too” bleating, but if anyone takes that man seriously about anything, I’ll make them the same offer of land and a bridge.

If they stay on the story, given their explosive results so far, Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor will be Canada’s Woodward and Bernstein. Keep digging! Deep Throat is surely on his way by now.

(More on the distant early warnings of this historic scandal from DAMMIT JANET!.)

* And counting!
** Alison notes that the Elections Canada raw vote tally reports this number.

UPDATES: More on Etobicoke Centre, the one that the Conservatives took by only 26 votes:

In Etobicoke Centre, among the 27 ridings identified by Rae, allegations of vote suppression and electoral fraud compelled Liberal candidate Borys Wrzesnewskyj in June to file a request for investigation to the Ontario Superior Court, a hearing that begins in April.

Wrzesnewskyj, who lost the riding to Conservative candidate Ted Opitz by just 26 votes, told the Star his office received “really disturbing” reports of vote suppression at two of his strongest poll locations, one of which he alleges was temporarily shut down by a Conservative staffer. Ukrainian and female Somali supporters were especially targeted, he said. [emphasis added]

Meanwhile, the count of ridings tampered with by the Cons keeps rising. We’re now at 37 (well, 36 minus Del Mastro’s claim)—and counting. Blogger Sixth Estate has compiled a must-see table that includes comparative vote totals from 2008 and 2011, margins of victory, and reports of tampering in each case, with links.

[H/t V. Jobson and commenter sassy]

UUPERDATE: Sixth Estate has added to his list, which is now at 40 plus Del Mastro’s riding of Peterborough. Evidence, as he says, is strong in some cases, less so in others.

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