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More bigotry from Jason Kenney

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From the charming fellow who keeps a picture of a Nazi collaborator on his desk, another flick of xenophobic contempt, the latest of his attacks on the Arab-Canadian community:

Palestine House has been providing CIC funded settlement and language instruction services to Canadian immigrants of all walks of life for nearly two decades. The dedicated teachers, settlement workers, childcare workers, and administrative staff have served the community of newcomer Canadians with integrity, professionalism, and compassion. Mr. Kenney’s decision mostly hurts those newcomer Canadians who will no longer be able to rely on Palestine House services to help them integrate successfully into Canadian society.

The decision is not based on the efficacy of the services provided. It is part of a concerted effort, if not a campaign, led by Mr. Kenney and the Conservative Government, of targeting Canadian organizations that act or speak in support of the basic human rights of the Palestinian people. In this silencing campaign any group that speaks favourably of Palestinians or their rights is automatically tagged as a supporter of extremism.

Extremism, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps Kenney’s avid admiration for Alojsije Stepinac, a dodgy Catholic Church official who once averred that Hitler was an “envoy of God,” might qualify as such in some circles. No problem: for a government busy these days championing torture and universal surveillance of its citizens, he’s just the man to run Citizenship and Immigration.

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