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Roboscam: a pattern emerges

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Seniors were deliberately targeted by bogus phone calls during last year’s election campaign, reports the Toronto Star.

Elections Canada investigators sifting through a flood of complaints that have emerged about dirty tricks in the spring 2011 campaign have started to notice [a] pattern as they call back Canadians to verify details of the suspicious phone calls they have reported receiving.

Most of those who received an automated phone call telling them their polling station had been changed say they were previously contacted by the Conservative Party and indicated that they would not be supporting their local Tory candidate.

Now federal elections officials say that the fraudulent phone calls targeted older voters.

“Every single person I’ve contacted has been (born) between 1947 and 1949,” said one unidentified Elections Canada employee who was following up on the complaints Friday morning.

And so the blue stain continues to spread.

[H/t Allan Woods]

UPDATE: Dave of Galloping Beaver has a point. The word “pattern” is insufficient here: “strategy” is more like it. And Dave goes on to ask some key questions—ones that I hope Elections Canada is asking as well.

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