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Attawapiskat students hammered by Harper [updated!]

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While Harper’s Indian agent is vacationing in Hawaii, students studying off-reserve have had their funding abruptly cut off, leaving them without money for food, rent and expenses.

And so the war against this First Nation continues. If Attawapiskat refuses to bow to the Great White Father’s $20,000 a month “third party manager,” Minister John Duncan—unavailable for comment as usual—will see that the pesky redskins are punished for their impertinence.

That’s how things work in Harper’s Canada™. Once again, the Dear Leader’s “apology” to First Nations and Inuit for the wrongs of the past is exposed for the mendacious bit of hypocrisy it was. No doubt a few decades into the future some Prime Minister will feel called upon to apologize in turn for Harper’s misdeeds. Let’s hope that by then, at least, the people of Attawapiskat are due no further apologies.

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UPDATE: (April 5) The Harper government is withdrawing the Indian agent, claiming he’s no longer necessary because the Attawapiskat First Nation has miraculously learned how to handle its own money. And if you believe that guff, I have a lovely bridge to sell you.

Charlie Angus tells it like it is:

NDP MP Charlie Angus said he’d been trying for weeks to determine why money had not been released by (Indian agent Jacques)Marion to students studying off-reserve, and was finally told today by Aboriginal Affairs that the money would flow and that the manager would be withdrawn, restoring things “back to normal.”

Angus rejected the suggestion that improving management in the community was behind the government’s decision.

“The third-party manager was put in place to punish the community for embarrassing the government,” he said. “The reality is that they’ve blown this file and I think the government is trying to cover its tracks.”

A victory for Attawapiskat and good news for the stranded students.

I would guess as well that the pending court case to rid Attawapiskat of the Indian agent wasn’t looking good for the Harper government, whether the latter won or lost.

For the full financial scoop on Attawapiskat, by the way, let me refer readers once again to the excellent âpihtawikosisân.

[H/t commenter Peedeecee]

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