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For the last four days, printed and electronic media have been shockful of headlines screaming, radio hosts bleating and so-called experts howling.

What is the question which has monopolized news-gathering corporations?

In January this year, a near-hysterical opinion piece written by Rajendra Kale MD was published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association.

Last Monday this appeared in the Toronto Star. By the next day, a veritable army of self-proclaimed “experts”, columnists, pundits and concern trolls in comment threads marched out, braying this was a crisis that could only be resolved by government intervention.

Those who oppose the medical termination of pregnancy suddenly possessed a blunt weapon that could bludgeon women into giving up control of their hard-won reproductive health rights.

Interestingly enough, certain key terms were judiciously deployed over and over again: “missing women”, “extermination”, “sex-selective”, “female feticide”, “extreme discrimination”, “new holocaust” and “most vulnerable”, as though a palette of buzz words had been provided by a vigilent organization.

Yet one unequivocal, clear, trenchant comment stood out for me:

They quote perfectly in the article: “… fail[ed] to acknowledge the cultural values and norms that lead certain individuals to pursue pregnancy termination based on the gender of the fetus.”

The answer to this is not to outlaw abortion. The answer is for cultures to value women. If cultures valued women, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Oh, and by the way … next week, a Conservative backbencher, MP Stephen Woodworth will be generously supplied with the Parliamentary support and resources required to air his disingeneous discussion of a provision in the Criminal Code that he finds antiquated - and certainly not congruent with the tenets held currently by the Catholic Church.


Whenever a strategically convenient media frenzy occurs that effectively draws the public’s attention away from alleged Conservative corruption and fraud, I am reminded of the richly-financed efficacity of the Stephen Harper Regime’s well-lubricated propaganda machine.


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