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More US extraterritorial craziness

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The all-pervasive grip of American paranoia is seeping across its own borders once again.

Are you a Brit planning a vacation in Canada or the Caribbean? Even though you’d be miles from American airspace, you can be turned away at the airport because you are on a US “no-fly” list, or simply refuse to turn over personal information to the American authorities. And if that’s the case with British citizens, it’s probably true for Canadian travelers to Britain as well—there’s a story worth investigating. (Canadian flights to the Caribbean overfly the US, which is a different matter, but related: is all that airport security worthless, after all?)

If the US Department of Homeland Security wants to impose its pathology upon its own territory and citizens, then only the latter can do anything about it. But the rest of us should be left out of its collective delusions. How dare the airlines acquiesce in this madness?

[H/t Kalim Kassam]

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