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The excellent Radical Handmaids and supporters were on Parliament Hill to show their displeasure that women’s rights will be a subject of debate in the House of Commons tomorrow (Motion 312, introduced by the notorious fetushizer, Con MP Stephen Woodworth).

First, in the vestibule, some miserable wanks:


That’s the sort of thing we’re up against. Their like will be on their hind legs in the Commons tomorrow, demanding that Canadian women be made brood sows of the state.

But now to the good stuff. Lacking the taxpayer-funded resources of the Ontario Separate School System, we were not a MASSIVE crowd, but definitely a feisty one:


We’re a plain-spoken bunch. Here are the Handmaids who put this thing together:


We don’t want to debate human rights:

No damn debate.jpg

And we vote—like the good folks of Alberta:


Got the message, Cons? Probably not—but you assuredly will.

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