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The descent of the CBC

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Here’s a brief glimpse into what the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has become. While successive cuts have taken their toll, as I’ve noted with sympathy elsewhere, the top brass have done their best to make things even worse these days, ceaselessly currying favour where no favour is to be had and driving quality into the ground.

Now it’s all Don Cherry and the repugnant Kevin O’Leary and soft lobs to the Harper government, none of which has prevented in the slightest more hacking and hewing by the powers that be.

The Mother Corp in on the final downhill slope. First a blushing ingenue, then a society matron hosting a salonful of accomplished journalists and commentators and movers and shakers in the artistic and intellectual communities. Then shabby-genteel, then just shabby. And now she’s an old whore, offering ten-dollar BJs to people who despise her and wondering where the champagne days went.

I want to support Friends of Canadian Broadcasting in their current push. I really do. I’m a nostalgic sort of person, with a headful of happy memories of the CBC. But I’m fast running out of excuses to defend the indefensible. Please tell me, readers, if you think there’s anything left of it to fight for.

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