The New Smallpox Blanket

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Funding to the National Aboriginal Health Organization has been cut completely.

Funding to the Health Department of the Inuit Tapiriit of Kanata has been cut by 40%.

The First Nations Statistical Institute - established in part to track data relevant to First Nations and address the gaps in information that plague planning and policy making for Aboriginal Canadians - will be shut down.

The details of cuts to First Nations and Inuit Health Branch at Health Canada have not yet been confirmed, but employees have been told they are going to be “significant”.

100% of funding to the Health Department of the Native Women’s Association of Canada has been cut.

I guess that’s one way of solving the Indian Problem.

UPDATE (Dr.Dawg, April 16)

This doesn’t tell the whole story about NAPO, either. The three organizations wanted NAPO wound down—and replaced. They got the first, with no trace of the second.

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