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Trayvon Martin: pro-Zimmerman case evaporates

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The racist Right, scrambling to defend the killer of unarmed Black teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, has just taken a knockout blow. It’s all over for George Zimmerman, or it should be by now.

The Internet has been alive with commentary from the Usual Suspects accusing progressives of “rushing to judgement” while doing the same themselves, digging into Martin’s background for dirt (and when that didn’t work, simply lying, fake pics and all), standing up for gun-wielding vigilantes everywhere, placing reams of racist commentary on the record, and disingenuously whining about a “due process” that would never have occurred without a public outcry. They now stand exposed, their own white hoodies torn away.

Those screams recorded by 911? Not Zimmerman’s. The experts have not been able to establish it was Martin, having no audio from him (at least as yet) to compare it to, but there is really only one other possibility. About to be slaughtered like an animal, the kid was screaming in terror.

Added to the fact that Zimmerman’s claims of injury at Martin’s hands have been belied by a videotape, and Martin’s body showed no signs that he’d been in a fight, we can now toast marshmallows in the flames of the pro-Zimmerman case.

He was a kid armed with candy and pop, hurrying home to his parents’ place, stalked by a white vigilante.

A T-Mobile phone log provided by the family’s attorney shows Trayvon’s girlfriend called him again at 7:12 p.m., just moments after having hung up with him. “I think this dude is following me,” Trayvon told her, according to her account to family attorney Benjamin Crump.

The girl says she offered Trayvon advice: “Run!”

And then she heard him ask “Why are you following me?” just before he was gunned down.

I think we all know the answer to that question by now.

[H/t Jymn of Let Freedom Rain]

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