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What a fine PM Iggy would have made

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A sweep of Quebec by the pro-federalist NDP, still riding high in the polls there. An eclipse of the BQ.

What does Iggy say?

Former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says Quebec “eventually” will become an independent country and that a victory for Scottish separatists in an expected 2014 referendum will launch a new effort by Quebec nationalists to fulfil their sovereignist dream.

…”[T]he problem here is we don’t have anything to say to each other any more,” he added. “There’s a kind of contract of mutual indifference which is very striking for someone of my generation.”

French and English Canadians have plenty to say to each other, Igg, and it’s getting said. But we just didn’t think to include you in the conversation. Deal with it.

[H/t Will]

UPDATE: (April 24) Ignatieff clarifies. Comments, anyone?

[H/t Marla Waltman]

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