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Baglow v. Smith (and Fourniers): UPDATED

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I’m off on an annual golf jaunt today with other union thugs, so I’ll be incommunicado until this evening. I thought I’d open up threadspace for commenters, however. Have at it.

Rest assured that I shall have some things to say, whichever way the judgement goes, once I have yet again claimed the Most Honest Golfer award. Meanwhile, keep it classy, folks.

PS: Yes, I’m aware that Canadian judges do not use gavels. The illustration is a classic example of a popular misconception turned convention: think of the metallic sound of swords drawn from their leather scabbards, or cascades of sparks on the bridge when the starship Enterprise (presumably run on solid-state technology) runs into difficulties. Readers bored by legal stuff are encouraged to suggest others.

UPDATE: Infamous left-wing creep John Baglow wins big at Ontario Court of Appeal.


I won. By a unanimous decision of the Ontario appeal court, I have a right to a trial.

Just a couple of facts, at the moment: first, there was no heated exchange or “flame war” between myself and a respondent, as too many media commenters, as well as the original trial judge, have stated. Instead, there was a comment on a blog I do not tend to visit that made claims about my alleged support for the Taliban. I discovered this only because someone alerted me to it. I sought to put it right, but the owners of the site and the commenter in question refused to retract.

Just for the historical record, Omar Khadr, who figured in this matter, was never a member of the Taliban. I have no idea of his current views, but I have defended his right to a fair trial and appropriate treatment under international conventions. Apparently this was sufficient for one of the respondents to have made the unsupported and libellous claim that I was “one of Canada’s more vocal Taliban supporters.”

More later. It is a shame that the matter has come to this.

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