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Canada Day hangover

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…or perhaps just a slow burn.

Canada Day revellers in downtown Ottawa were kept off Parliament Hill by the RCMP. This is a first, I believe. But it was reported only by Peter Mansbridge, and indignantly mentioned on Twitter by the CBC’s Kady O’Malley.

It appeared merely en passant in the online CBC report:

Thousands of people were forced to stay on Wellington Street by RCMP, who let only a trickle of visitors past the gates for the noon show, the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge reported.

Not worth a mention anywhere else.

Then there was the #DenounceHarper hashtag, which trended for hours on Twitter, sometimes in first place, and was eighth in the world.

Not newsworthy, sniffed the consensus media. There was some minor coverage in the National Post and on CTV. That was pretty well it.*

Even a progressive journo for Rabble.ca got caught up in the media groupthink, and was unable to figure out why this should be of interest. The fact that it dominated Twitter all day with hundreds of thousands of Tweets, a clear and unmistakeable expression of solidarity on our national holiday, was irrelevant. Stuff it into the memory hole.

The Twitter expression * headdesk * comes to mind.

Then there was the booing. In Trafalgar Square, an estimated 10,000 Canada Day revellers lustily booed when a canned message from Harper appeared on the Jumbotron. Same happened right here at home in Toronto before yesterday’s Blue Jays game.

How do I know this? Not from what veteran journo Michael Harris calls the “indentured media.” From folks on the scene who Tweeted.

Finally, Canada Day in our US embassy did not take place this year. But the embassy will be celebrating July 4 with a fireworks display. This information was conveyed in a press release from Elizabeth May, MP, the leader of Canada’s Green Party.

Nary a mention that I could find in the corporate media.

Not newsworthy.

Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Or do I just need more coffee?

* I blame my hangover for missing this not-bad HuffPo coverage.

UPDATE: Kady O’Malley draws our attention to this story, of which few seem to have been aware.

If Twitter trends have been tailored to the user since mid-June, then Twitterers are now effectively chirping in giant echo chambers. Kady stoutly defends the proposition that #DenounceHarper was not newsworthy, and this would appear to be a devastating point in favour of her position.

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