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Lori Douglas inquiry "on brink of collapse"

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The great, lumbering, sexist farce that is the Canadian Judicial Council’s Star Chamber inquisition of Justice Lori Douglas may be about to self-destruct. It couldn’t happen soon enough.

When a member of the panel takes on the panel’s own lawyer in this increasingly bizarre proceeding, you know that something has to give.

Inquiry counsel — [George] Macintosh — is to advise the panel. Independent counsel — Guy Pratte and Kirsten Crain — have a different role, to investigate the allegations and present all the evidence.

Unusually, the senior independent counsel, Pratte, agreed with [Douglas’ lawyer Sheila] Block that “the appearance (of unfairness to Douglas) is incontestable.”

He said the appearance is that witnesses favourable to the judge were twice subjected to “a strong, co-ordinated attack” by Macintosh.

Though Pratte said the hearing could be saved and continue if the panel in effect calls off its pit bull — Macintosh — and changes course, he warned that “I cannot stay here any more if we have a display like (Wednesday) and Friday.

“The ship has to be righted.”

Too late. That ship was holed at the waterline from the moment the miserable voyage began. Time to let it sink and send the participants home in a lifeboat.

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