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More from the folks who brought you the burning barn and a dead Polish immigrant. Now the environmental organization Greenpeace is in their sights.

Fact: Greenpeace activists have never—not once—engaged in acts of violence.

Fact: Violence has, however, been visited upon Greenpeace, from death threats and assault (see p.175) all the way to blowing up one of their ships and killing a photographer.

Fact: The RCMP—that bumbling, incompetent, violent, occasionally death-dealing organization that offered security at Conservative Party events until there was a public outcry—is now acting as little more than an ideological resource for the PMO:

“The Canadian law enforcement and security intelligence community have noted a growing radicalized environmentalist faction within Canadian society that is opposed to Canada’s energy sector policies,” says the report.

“Greenpeace is opposed to the development of Canada’s Arctic region, as well as Canada’s offshore petroleum industry. Criminal activity by Greenpeace activists typically consists of trespassing, mischief, and vandalism, and often requires a law enforcement response.

…”Tactics employed by activist groups are intended to intimidate and have the potential to escalate to violence.”

Foreign and now domestic radicals! Environmental extremists! All of them conspiring to save the environment, oppose leaky pipelines, and protest the sale of tar sands to, uh, the Chinese. Perhaps we’ll declare that whole country’s population to be honorary Canadian citizens, and Rob Anders will, for once, be on-side.

In the meantime, this dangerous RCMP nonsense should be taken very seriously indeed, and placed in a wider context. Opposition to the autocratic Harper government is increasingly being demonized. Enemies, foreign and domestic, are being constructed for propaganda purposes. Where are we headed? It’s not as though we haven’t seen this movie before.

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