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Mayor Rob Ford: palling around with Nazis [updated]

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Don’t tell me lies about the holocaust
‘Cause I’ve got some news for you
don’t tell me lies about the gas chambers
‘Cause I ain’t crying over no jews

These charming lyrics were sung by the fellow beside Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wearing the Latvian Legion uniform.

Introducing Jon Latvis, formerly of the defunct neo-Nazi band RAHOWA (“RAcial HOly WAr”), and still a stalwart “European nationalist,” judging by his Facebook account. If you scroll down, you can see him at the funeral of the notorious Latvian anti-Semite Uldis Freimanis. He was another charmer:

[I]n an interview with TV5s program Uncensored broadcasted on 16 March [Freimanis] stated that Jews disturb the procession of Latvian Waffen SS legionnaires and they all should be hanged and shot. Uldis Freimanis made also other insulting and anti-Semitic remarks. Reacting to the statements, the Anti-Defamation League sent appeal to the Latvian Prime Minister calling him to condemn those officially.

Glad to see there’s an active human rights movement in Latvia that can apparently distinguish Nazis from everybody else. Closer to home the lines, once again, are getting a little blurred.

[H/t WK and others, b/c]

UPDATE: the Mayor’s office responds. (via WK)

July 26, 2012

Statement from the Office of the Mayor

An online blog today posted a picture of Mayor Rob Ford meeting a citizen during the 2012 New Year’s Levee at Toronto City Hall. The blog alleges the man posing with the Mayor is a member of a hate group and has a history of making racist, hateful and offensive comments.

The Mayor of Toronto meets, and poses for photos, with thousands of residents each year. Over the past two years, the Mayor has hosted two New Year’s Levees. These events welcomed over 800 visitors to City Hall, and 700 to 750 of them were personally greeted by the Mayor who posed with them for photographs.

While having his photo taken with the Mayor, the gentleman in the photo requested a meeting with the Mayor to discuss issues of concern to him as a constituent. The Mayor routinely receives these requests from members of the public and makes every effort to accommodate them whenever possible. In March 2012, the gentleman met briefly with the Mayor to discuss his concerns which primarily focussed on transit issues.

During both the Levee and the March meeting, the gentleman identified himself using a name different from the one attributed to him in the recent blog article. Once the photograph was posted online today, Mayor’s Office staff recognized the individual as someone who had met with the Mayor at the Levee and again in March.

At no time was the Mayor aware of allegations that this individual had made racist, hateful or otherwise offensive comments, nor were any such comments made during his meeting with the Mayor. Mayor Ford is a strong supporter of Toronto’s Jewish community and strongly deplores anti-Semitism in any form.


George Christopoulos
Press Secretary
Office of the Mayor
City of Toronto
P: 416-338-6642
E: gchrist2@toronto.ca

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