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The duty of the resolutionary

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…is to make the resolution. Here are my ten for 2013, in order of earnestness:

1) I shall provide a loving home for my returned stepson.

2) I shall continue to work for the crushing defeat of Stephen Harper and his hateful, destructive, corrupt, racist, sexist, anti-worker, anti-science, statist, pro-torture political party. I shall continue to fight for radical democracy, supporting our many joyous and hope-filled struggles, offering my energy to our progressive movements, while doing my best to avoid the sloshing digestive juices here in the belly of the beast.

3) I shall avoid mere confrontation in the blogosphere and concentrate on “constructive engagement” instead. (Admittedly, some engagees might confuse the two, as they have in the past. But that’s their problem.)

4) Personally-motivated caricatures of me will be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. I shall not rise to any more bait, though the waters be chummed by enemies and former allies alike. Nostalgie de la boue may present its peculiar temptations, but my thoughts will remain my own, floating high and pristine above the cybergrunts who moil in their self-imposed cyberdarkness. Unless they break up and fall to earth, of course. Be sure to let me know.

5) I shall finish that damned anthropology paper in the first month of 2013, yeah, the one I started four years ago.

6) I shall keep the considerable weight, which I lost through Atkins, off—even though I plan to be in Italy again in the coming year.

7) I shall continue to mine the new poetry vein I have discovered, and finish my short story, “Cat.”

8) I shall make new friends and new enemies, all of whom keep life adventurous, edgy and frequently wonderful.

9) I shall Tweet responsibly. (I may not, admittedly, be able to sustain this one for more than a day or two.)

10) I shall improve at backgammon [see 1].

Happy New Year, everyone. Do you have resolutions of your own? Share!

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