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Edmonton cops jail rape victim [updated]

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…for five days. Here’s the story, in Tweets—the media haven’t picked this one up. Just another mistreated Aboriginal girl.


Don’t expect justice here. Edmonton police operate with near-impunity in their treatment of First Nations people. For example: a 16-year old boy named Randy Fryingpan was Tasered eight times by a uniformed thug named Mike Wasylyshen—who just happens to be the son of a former Edmonton police chief. The kid was unconscious at the time.

That was more than ten years ago. Late last Fall, the officer was suspended for 120 hours. He’s still on active duty.

“You can’t write poems about trees when the woods are full of policemen,” said Bertold Brecht. In another part of those woods, it looks as though the infamous #Matricule728 isn’t the only uniformed psychopath in Quebec. The video (because there is, thankfully, so often a video these days) speaks for itself:

UPDATE: APTN picks up the story of the jailed rape victim.

UPPERDATE: Mark Cherrington at greater length. Go read. Yeah, that includes you, corporate media. You can’t look away forever.

UPPESTDATE: Better late than never. And.

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