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More on Jason Kenney's "safe country"

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The designation is not that a country is 100% safe for 100% of its citizens 100% of the time. ~Jason Kenney

Roma are unfit for coexistence. They are not fit to live among people. These Roma are animals, and they behave like animals. These animals shouldn’t be allowed to exist. In no way. That needs to be solved. They should be stamped out - immediately and regardless of the method. ~Hungarian daily newspaper, Magyar Hirlap

In Hungary, the lives of Roma—and Jews—are becoming increasingly difficult, as the country slides ever more deeply into extreme-Right xenophobia.

Here’s a little background reading. And here is an excerpt from a post of mine a while ago:

So his line is now that countries like Hungary are “safe” for Roma. Here’s just how safe they are:

Once or twice a month, three-year-old Mate Csorba disappears from his family house on the edge of a Hungarian village. When his worried relatives find him wandering in the forest, he tells them he is searching for his father and his older brother, who are out hunting.

That is, after all, what his grandmother told him one morning a year ago, after a midnight blaze of firebombs and gunshots destroyed their house on the edge of a rural village, and black-clad gunmen chased the boy’s family through the woods and killed Mate’s father and five-year-old brother, both named Robert.

“Little Mate had been sleeping in my house when I heard three shots and a window smashing in their house next door,” his grandmother, Erzsebet, said as she surveyed the burned-out ruins. “I heard a car driving away fast, and then saw my daughter-in-law standing and screaming outside, with burns all over her, beside the body of little Robert. I couldn’t tell Mate the truth.”

There’s plenty of dry information to back up this anecdote. Their situation has also been compellingly dramatized. In Hungary, Roma are hunted like animals by fascist paramilitaries associated with Jobbik, Hungary’s third-largest political party. They are allowed to do as they will by the police. The government has ordered police, in fact, to step up the persecution of Roma lucky enough to get away.

More recently, Hungarian Roma won a significant victory in the European Court of Human Rights. Here is an excerpt from a Toronto Roma Community Centre press release, which the corporate media, of course, studiously ignored:

In a landmark case on January 28, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found the Hungarian government guilty of using a rigged testing system to segregate Roma children in a remedial school system . The Court noted that psychological tests conducted on Roma children were at best culturally biased, if not deliberately discriminatory. The judgement condemns the “prejudicial effect on the Roma community” of these tests and the segregation they allow, stating that victims themselves and the Roma community have suffered “discriminatory treatment” at the hands of the Hungarian government.

This decision - which finds Hungary in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights - adds to a canon of official literature that evidences systematic discrimination and persecution of the Roma in Hungary. Segregation of this variety has become one pillar in a campaign against Hungarian Roma that has been sanctioned by the centre-right government - and lauded through dangerously vitriolic rhetoric by Jobbik, the neo-Nazi opposition party.

In the case brought to the ECHR by the European Roma Rights Centre, the court found that Romani children are being relegated to the remedial system at a rate ten-fold that of non-Romani children. In its judgment, the Court wrote, “the systematic misdiagnosis of mental disability” of Roma children has “compromised their subsequent personal development instead of helping them to integrate into the ordinary schools and develop the skills that would facilitate life among the majority population”. [emphasis added]

Hungary, where anti-Roma and anti-Jewish hatred and persecution have effectively become government policy, doesn’t sound all that safe, does it? It’s no surprise that refugees are fleeing the country. But they’ll get no welcome here: for our Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, none is too many.

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