Nuuuh Mooselimbs: Arrgghh Turkish fashionism!!1!!!11eleven!!! edition

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Yep, we’re talkin’ Turkey again. I wrote on my previous post that I was a little disappointed that the crazed Islamophobic crowd didn’t come out to play/take the bait, so I had to scratch the itch by trawling the web for that hot Islamophobe-on-nuttiness action.

Well, the Gellar set is actually a little too easy, sort of like the first 2-3 levels of Bubble Bobble.

(Mon Dieu, those were the days. Sorry, I have to pause for a moment to savor it…


Nope, this time I set my mockery viewfinder on dear old David Frum.

I haven’t really forgiven Davey-boy. Not one bit. You see, not too long ago he had an epiphany where he realized that some of his newfound American friends were, well, three spoonfuls of blackface short of a minstrel performance. We had been trying to tell him for years, see, but he was too zonked out on his own fetid concoction of “neo”-conservatism and neoliberalism apparently to notice. And, you know the rest.

Well, apparently he kinda sorta still is. Zonked out, I mean. Oh, he may have briefly detoxed enough to notice that he was hanging with the obviously viciously stupid set, but he went right back into the stash, if you know what I’m saying.

So, apparently, the new uniforms of Turkish Airlines (Türk Hava Yolları, or THY) have just come out, and they have set off Davey-boy’s Shariadar. BOOP BOOP BOOP. Emburqulation alert! BOOP BOOP BOOP.

Let’s see then (above). One dude in a suit—-not so important as men’s fashion is not as politicized, and dude is not wearing a shariabeard. One woman in a smart-looking suit thing with a skirt. (My knowledge of clothing terms has gaps, forgive me.) One woman in something that looks kind of like a German dirndl—-not surprising as the airline is popular with German tourists and Turkish residents in Germany. One woman in something that looks like a kimono, that is probably actually some traditional Turkish thing. Finally, a woman in a modernized şalwar. A couple of fez-y things, and not a hijab or a chador or a burqa in sight! (And so what if there were? But Turkish Airlines is there to attract customers and knows very well what that would do.)

What we are seeing, then, is a set of striking new uniforms designed to remind us of Turkey and Turkishness, while for the most part keeping in line with standard flight-attendantly practicality and aesthetics. Not an auto-emburqulator in sight! And, for this, David Frum informs us that the so-generous “graft” of “Westernization” did not “take”, merely because THY decided to step out of the 50s/60s/whatever.

Au contraire, Axis-guy. The desire for chic, the commercial appeal to memorability (those uniforms are nothing if not memorable), the marketing, well, if there is any sign that what you’re calling “Westernization” has taken root deeply and irrevocably, it’s that.

So where is all this coming from? Why, from nowhere other than the perspiration-stained keyboard of your friendly neighbourhood Daniel Pipes, the very ur-Pamela himself, the wingnut with scholarly pretentions. Reading his screed is a real hoot too. Did you know that not serving pork on routes between two Muslim countries most of whose passengers are Muslims is evidence of impending emburqulation?

Whatever, dude. You are so hard to please.

(By the way, I had the opportunity to fly THY a few times in recent memory. Comparatively excellent in-flight meals. Cabin comfort, well, let’s just say it depends on the route/competition. Istanbul airport: massively overpriced food/drink/gifts, the much lavisher Dubai is more affordable, and Allah help you if you miss your connection there traumatized shudder.)

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