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Robocall liars

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“Internal miscommunication” my sweet patootie. Conservatives lie. They lie until they are caught, and they keep lying after.

And it sounds to me like Pat Martin should have toughed it out:

The voice sounded similar to the voice of Matt Meier, owner of Edmonton-based RackNine Inc., the company whose equipment was used to launch more than 7,000 misleading calls directing voters in Guelph to the wrong polling station in the 2011 federal election.

The same voice and company name, Chase Research, was also heard on another number affiliated with a “push poll” sent out to Alberta residents during last year’s provincial election. That call offered a highly prejudicial poll asking voters which kinds of tax increases proposed by Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford they favoured.

…The Citizen and Postmedia News…asked U.S.-based forensic audio expert Ed Primeau to analyze the recordings of the outgoing Chase Research phone message and compare them with the outgoing voice message on Meier’s own phone.

Primeau, who has testified as an expert witness in dozens of cases in American courts and overseas, is a board member of the American Board of Recorded Evidence and a member of the American College for Forensic Examiners International.

He said he is 95-per-cent certain that Meier recorded the outgoing messages used by the mysterious Chase Research.

Once again, perhaps, the best defence is a good offence.

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