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Kathy Shaidle, November 8, 2011: “Millions of people fantasize about being a professional writer. I am one. Why should I bail out conformist mediocrities whose stated goal in life — as lawyers, do-gooders, “journalists” and bureaucrats — is to ruin mine?”

Kathy Shaidle,February 7, 2013: “As many of you know by now, my blogger-husband Arnie Lemaire has settled the suit brought against him by Richard Warman. There is very little we can say, due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.However, the ugly fact is: despite your incredible generosity during this long fight for free speech, we still have some outstanding legal bills. If you can donate even a small amount via PayPal, it would help Arnie and I enormously.”

I did try to donate, really I did. Unfortunately, the minimum seems to be a buck. Paypal wouldn’t accept my two cents worth…just like Arnie.

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