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The dating game

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Life follows art, and satire is once again endangered.

A conservative-only dating site is coming to Canada. “Stop wasting time with undesirables,” it proclaims. ConservativeOnly.com will take the worry out of being close.

At last we have an open admission that—as a lot of us have suspected—there’s been a fair bit of inbreeding going on in that quarter. Anyone hear the sound of banjos?

But I think it’s a grand idea, all the same. While I’m old-fashioned enough to prefer a scarlet “C” prominently displayed, the site does give us fair warning. Who wants to discover, during a quiet interval of pillow-talk, that your new friend is shortly appearing on The Source? That she supports mandatory carriage (both SUN and guns) and wants the military to put down aboriginal protest?

Chemistry? Goodness, what suddenly happened to it? You roll over and reach for a cigarette, and then remember you haven’t smoked in years. Things have suddenly become—awkward.

With new sites like this, the chance of such a shocking dénouement should drop, perhaps even precipitously. By all means let these birds of a feather flock together. “Undesirable,” after all, decidedly works both ways.


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